The greatest cities, the greatest people

Poland, and in particular cities like Cracow, are associated with their history with amazing figures that the world knows and which are loved and respected throughout the world. Krakow is a city of many artists, painters, sculptors, thinkers, writers, poets, but also people generally considered holy and blessed. John Paul is, of course, one of this the most popular people.

Go through the path of the Holy Father

The best companies that organize tours for tourists┬áhave something special for special guests. Anyone who wants to, may be able to enjoy the path of a great father, know his path, feel the difficulty of his journey. This type of tour usually covers all the most important places of his stay, his apartment, the bishop’s palace, all the churches most important to him, but not only – it’s also unique landscapes and favorite places where he just likes to spend his free time. His paths also lead, of course, to Wadowice, where after high school he went with his mates to the creams, which were named thanks to him ‘fathers’.

The best way to travel

If you want your trip with the Pope’s footsteps┬áto be really successful, you have to choose the company you are going to travel with. A professional company is able to provide you with not only the best care while traveling, but also the best experience and excitement. You can always check the firm firstly in the Internet and then choose one of them that you feel is the best for you.

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